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What we're all about.....

webmiester, Jun 25, 11 12:38 AM.
Serenity Now: What we're all about...
We are a small-medium sized guild.
We are made up of adult, casual players. i.e. no raiding, etc.
We do try to make sure everyone gets through each dungeon for their appropriate level.
We have all crafting represented.
We have 1 guild bank tab and are working on a second.
We have 1 rule: "Treat others the way you want to be treated"

Website Features!

BrokenShuffle, Jun 12, 11 5:41 AM.
I just wanted to make sure you are all aware of the features you can enjoy with our new guild website.  There are many cool things to look at:

Forums - The forums are there for you to express yourself.  Tell us about yourself, discuss soul builds, tell us your favorite calling to play.  Anything your heart desires (within reason!) can be put on the forums to share with your friends and guild members.

Gallery - Upload your screenshots of Telara.  Shady nooks by the sea or sunbeams through the thick green canopy of Silverwood.  Dark tendrils, ever encroaching upon Gloamwood.  Formidable foes and devastating invasions.  There are so many awe inspiring sites to behold on the Planes of Telara.  Share them with us!

Videos - Enjoy videos posted by your guild members!  With the in-game record feature anyone can record their most epic moments.  If you would like to add your videos to this page follow the info within on how to do so.

Marketplace - Your guild members are willing to help you through your crafting and dungeon trials as well as needing help themselves from time to time.  With the guild marketplace page you can request for orders to be filled by crafters, fill orders and even dungeon requests!

Library - This is a great collection of game guides and links to help you better understand your Calling, Souls, Crafting, Quests, Dungeons and so much more!  It's definitely worth checking out.

Don't see a feature on the website you would like to have?  Tell us about it!  Not everything can be done with widgets but if it's within our means to do so we will certainly do what we can to make your guild website more useful and enjoyable to you.
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